Friday, January 6, 2012

Beating Up Your Hangover: Foods to Help You Soothe up After a Drinking Session

So how’s your day? Feeling hard? Having a hard time going through your hangover? Yeah – it might be really hard to move on with a drinking sessions’ hangover, but guess what – there are certain simple things that can actually help you soothe up after a hard drink

We present you a list of foods that some alcohol training courses suggest, can probably help you with your problem. It will only take a few minutes for you to understand and about an hour if you are still on hangover – which we hope that you are not.

Marmite is a known food spread that has two versions – a UK produced and a New Zealand produce. Marmite is made actually from yeast extract, which is mostly a product of brewing beers. Now, how would it help you get through your hangover?
We all know that alcohol depletes mostly B Vitamins in our body system when we take too much of it. So munching over a marmite may help you lift your mood – as lack of B Vitamins may make you feel anxious and depressed. When you drink alcohol, you also lost certain amount of sodium in your body. Marmite also has a high sodium content which helps you retain back the lost amount of salt needed by your body when you drank alcohol. 

Settling your stomach during a hangover is quite hard. Feeling queasy is not good of course, but ginger can help you settling it down. You may make a ginger tea to soother up your stomach. This could help in reducing nausea on you and unlikely feeling in your tummy. 

Bananas are great – even B1 and B2 of the Bananas and Pajamas are happy being a banana. The problem is that they are hunted by lot of monkey that’s why they left. So, it is not B1 or B2 helping you out, but it’s the nutritional content of bananas. Other than B Vitamins lost in your body system during a drinking session, potassium and magnesium are also restored in your body which is among the essential nutrients lost in your body during those sessions.
Bananas are also helpful in gaining you energy for the day. Lack of potassium in your body can lead to weakness and being tired. It also helps in reducing stomach acid because they are natural antacids.

Of course soup – who else don’t want soup? It the most important food in fighting your hangover as it helps you rehydrate. The most common soup that can help you gain back lots of lost nutrients are either a vegetable or miso soup.

Coconut Water
Many sports drinks these days assure you of retaining back electrolytes that was lost in your body. But since most sports drinks are carbonated and packed mostly with refined sugars, it could be a bad thing for your stomach. The best drink you can have is a coconut water drink. Not only can it rehydrate you but also helps you retain back the lost electrolytes without any worries on your tummy. It includes calcium, potassium, and magnesium that boost hydration and energy for your whole body.

So, how’s your feeling? Did it help? Of course it will. But next time – it might be better if you drink lesser or not at all. Being productive is quite better than having a hangover.

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