Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Is E-learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Online Community is among the emerging society and group that the technological advancements had created over the past few years. With the recent developments and more advancement to come, online communities had paved new ways as well in the field of learning and career/professional development. One of its greatest achievements was e-learning. E-learning is a method which, instead of being inside the traditional classroom based learning, teaches and shares knowledge and professional growth through the use of the modern day Internet technology and computers. Many have debated over e-learning – whether it is useful or not – something that have been quite an argument for years. 

To help people know how e-learning has both contributed its advantages to the online community as well as its disadvantages, let us further look at both its Advantages and Disadvantages.

E-learning Advantages

Online Education/ E-learning Training Courses provide convenience and having students learn the course at their own pace. Another thing is that it is quite less expensive than the usual classroom based learning especially for those living on quite distant places. It is also quite less expensive since students don’t have to wear any dress codes for going to their classes anymore. It does not have any time restrictions for students to follow and that the only resource they need are the computers and Internet connection so that they can access their enrolled-in accounts for their chosen courses. It also allows even those individuals with current jobs to seek more education while at the comfort of their own home or office through accredited online schools and companies offering such e-learning training courses and professional development. 

E-learning Disadvantages

Disadvantages of e-learning is quite lesser than its advantages – but people should still know something about it so that whenever they are planning to get their own e-learning course, they probably know what to do to make their online education better.

The disadvantage is self-discipline. Well – since all the advantages the student can get is already dependent on their pace and willingness to learn from it, what will truly make them learn and get benefit from it is to have a self-disciplined learning. Procrastination and difficulty with time management is what makes some of the e-learning students to fail on such online courses and just ended up wasting their money. 

E-learning also lacks teacher and student interaction which makes it quite hard for the student to really evaluate himself well other than taking quizzes and exams provided for e-learning courses. 

E-learning has always been a part of our life today. Many professionals choose online education with certified online degrees for their chosen careers for them to make it easier and more accessible anywhere they are and anytime of the day. So far, so good, e-learning has greatly contributed these days to the online community and to the society. It has help worldwide in promoting the standards for certain educations that require skills and safety at work.

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